Guitar String Names

Learn Guitar String Names

Guitar string names is a major knowledge you should know before you learn guitar even further. The ultimate goal is for you understand the tone section contained in each of the strings in the guitar fretboard. This is very influential on your next learning process. Before you learning the chords, scales, and other guitar techniques, you first should know about guitar strings name.

As is common knowledge, certainly you already know that Guitar split into 3 parts, namely:

Guitar Body
Guitar neck and
Fredboard guitar.

As for the guitar strings, is divided into 6 string. There is also a guitar that has 7 strings. But in general, people are more friendly to use guitar with 6 strings. Ok, here is a picture of guitar strings names.

The guitar string names

guitar string names

number 1 = string name is E  ‘Note (this is highest pitch and thinnest strings on guitar)
number 2 = string name is B Note
number 3 = string name is G Note
number 4 = string name is D Note
number 5 = string name is A Note
number 6 = string name is E Note (this is lowest pitch and thickest string on guitar)

Guitar string names are written in the order from top to bottom, not from the bottom upwards. So if the combined structure is E – A – D – G – B – E ‘. if you have difficulty to memorize the sequence, you can combine sequence string name in a sentence, for example:

back to

Ema and desy go back to europe

Create your own version of the sentence, the most important sentences can be recorded either at your memory.

With my article, I hope you already know how well the guitar string names, and now you can learn other knowledge about the guitar. If you still feel not quite understand about the material that I present in this article, you can buy a guitar books as the development of your knowledge.